In our Clevedon Shop we stock a full range of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and related products. We hand-paint a collection of vintage FURNITURE and also offer a range of WORKSHOPS in our studio space for those wanting to learn techniques. 

Annie Sloan chalk paint
White wax
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Chalk Paint is a Decorative paint, it is remarkably versatile and easy to use. Chalk paint adheres to almost any surface. You can use on Wood- painted, waxed or varnished, metal, concrete and more. There is rarely any need to sand or prime, just clean and dry the surface and get started! With Chalk paint you get a velvety matt finish. Chalk paint is fast drying so you can can add a second or third coat quickly. Soft clear wax is added to the surface after painting to add protection and durability. The colour palette of chalk paint ranges from soft, pale hues to bright, vivid tones, with no black pigments the colours all mix together, making the possibilities endless.
1ltr £18.95 120ml £4.95

Annie Sloan's clear soft wax is recommended for appling to your chalk painted surface to add protection and durability to the velvety matt finish of the chalk paint. Softly rub the clear wax into the surface using a lint free cloth or wax brush. Build layers of clear wax for more protection and durability on high use surfaces such as Kitchen cabinets. If distressing chalk paint, it is recommended to apply wax then sand. Decorative waxes in white, black and dark can be used to highlight beautiful patinas in your surface, apply over your chalk painted surface or over the clear wax or straight into your wooden surface, making the possibilities endless for beautiful results. 
500ml £9.95 120ml £4.95

wall paint
graphite wall paint
was brush

Annie Sloan brushes are specially designed, are high quality and are the ideal tools for creating different finishes with your chalk paint. All brushes can be washed in warm soapy water to clean and hang to dry. Apply your chalk paint in short brush strokes in all directions. Use the natural bristle brushes to create as extreme patina as you want. These natural bristle brushes promote a paintly look, hold the paint well with less drips and are shaped to get into and around all shaped surfaces. Use the synthetic bristle flat brushes when looking to create a smooth finish with the chalk paint. Water down the chalk paint and apply smoothly and evenly with the flat brush in the same direction. The water in the paint will aid in it moving in longer strokes. 
From £4.95

Annie Sloan wall paint is water based with a luxurious matt finish. Everyday spills and marks are easily cleaned off making the wall paint practical and tough. It's smooth consistence makes it easy to use and great coverage too. A range of 10 chalk paint colours are available in wall paint. This is a growing range so more colours will be added soon. Wall paint is tough allowing you to continue annie sloan products on your high use walls for example kichen, bathroom and hallway.

Gilding sheets
gilding wax

For adding decorative effects with some lustre finishes Annie Sloan has Gilding sheets in loose and transfer in Copper, Gold and Silver for covering surfaces or adding lustre details. For a softer more romantic lustre finishes you might opt for using gilding wax. This is available in Bright gold, Warm gold, Dark Silver, Bright Silver and copper.
From £6.95