Our light filled space behind the counter offered us all we needed to invite like minded people to share in our passion for creativity, contemporary craft and the idea that you can make for your home.

We run a calendar of workshops and events in this space ranging from 4 to 10 people. We love the idea that you share your workshop experience with the new people you meet, learn a new skill with ease as you get plenty of one on one time with the tutor and of course take something away you have crafted with your own hands.

The studio can be a buzz with workshops or might just to a quiet spot we can do shop admin. You might also see use working on a variety of projects, some paint commissions from customer, some design projects and our own makes for the shop. 

Having both studied art we found that we loved the creativity and could put our passion into almost anything. We were like butterflies never truely making a decision to stick to one craft/ discipline.  This helped us forage our idea about opening our studio space to workshops. we are able to show skills we love, collaborate with inspiring people/makers