White Wax vs Black Wax: How to finish your Annie Sloan piece with decorative waxes

White Wax vs Black Wax: How to finish your Annie Sloan piece with decorative waxes
29th March 2018 Aime
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Annie Sloan introduced decorative waxes to her products in 2017 so in addition to her traditional clear wax, the all rounded and dark wax, great for a vintage aged look. We had white wax and black wax to widen our creative possibilities when finishing a piece.

There are a number of ways to work with decorative waxes, here we tell you are favourites.

WHITE WAX. We love applying white wax straight onto a bright chalk paint colour. By applying straight onto our chalky dry paint the white wax is being absorbed into the surface, changing the colour. Lighting it but also add another layer to the surface. Fall in love with this look, colours we adore with white wax are Amsterdam Green, Scandinavian Pink, Primer Red, Coco & Napoleonic Blue.

How to achieve this finish
1. Apply the chalk paint to the surface using the natural bristle brush by Annie Sloan, creating brush stroke marks, these can be created to the extreme or sutble depending on your taste, look your aiming to achieve or the surface.

2. Once your happy with the brush stroke marks and the chalk paint is dry and covering all the surface. You can start applying the white wax, this is the exciting part! Use a clean, dry, lint feel cloth or natural bristle waxing brush. Apply in soft circular motions into the chalky dry painted surface.

3. Apply the white wax all over in a thin, even coat. You can build up the whiteness you would like by applying more layers. 12 hours is ideal to let the layers absorb into the surface before more is applied. This way you are building layers rather than removing or over working wax already applied.

4. Stand back and admire your surface!

BLACK WAX. We love applying black wax straight into a dry/open wooden surface and building layers to create a rustic to an ebonised finish. Be prepared to get your hands messy, black wax is

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